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DH asked me to make cake for an end of year party for one of the student organizations he leads on campus.  Since I haven’t done too many cakes since the baby has been born, he asked me to keep it simple.  He didn’t want me to be put out and it needed to serve about 60 people, so the quantity alone would be a bit much.  He also said I could make it whatever flavors I wanted, even orange if that’s what I wanted!  That’s really generous of him because he hates orange flavored things about as much as I love them.  Which is a LOT!


So, I decided to make two small-ish cakes rather than one big one.  They each have three layers of cake, two chocolate with a coconut layer in between.  For the filling, I used strawberry and coconut swirled together and sprinkled mini chocolate chips.  The buttercream on the outside is a light almond coconut flavor and I whipped it to give it a lighter texture.  The cakes are topped with sweetened shaved coconut, mini chocolate chips and a couple maraschino cherries for decoration. 



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