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I last posted on April 12 about waiting.  We’d finished the certification and we were in the waiting phase.  But it didn’t last long.  Only a few days later we got a call that changed everything!

It’s been a month!  It’s flown by so incredibly fast.  We’ve had quite a few loooong days in there, but overall, I can’t believe it was one month ago already that we brought home our sweet little girl.  She’s doing great.  She was only ten days old and five tiny pounds when we got her.  But she’s plumping up beautifully and I am so over the moon in love with her.  She’s growing and developing so much already that even in this short month, I feel like she’s not the same baby.  

It’s still too early in her case to know for sure what direction things will go.  We don’t know if we’ll get to keep her forever.  And while there is a big part of my heart that hopes we will, I still long for the healing in her parent’s lives to take place so that they can be reunited.  I have said before how deeply I desire to see families healed.  I don’t like learning details about the family because it’s so hard not to judge them and convince myself what the outcome should be.  And it’s really really easy to only see the bad parts when in reality there is plenty of good, too.  But it’s not my place to judge them or decide where this sweet girl should end up.  And I want so badly to trust the court’s decisions as they come.
So, while we wait for the next court date in June where we will get a better idea of what the future holds (although we’re still a long ways from a final decision), we are just continuing to pray that all the important information comes to light, that the social workers, lawyers, judges, assessors and everyone else involved have clarity and wisdom, that her parents take the steps they need to take and make choices that put this sweet girl before themselves and finally we pray that our own hearts will be protected in this process.


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