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Now we wait. I say that is if the waiting has just started, but in reality it has been going on since we made the decision last fall to move forward with foster care and adoption. But now, we’ve done everything that we can do. And we are in the final season of waiting before we get our first placement. There will be a whole new season of waiting once our first placement comes, but right now, its like the calm before the storm.

It’s like being due, but not really having an induction date. When you’re waiting to give birth, you know there’s a date by which you will have the baby, the doctor won’t let you go beyond that date. But in this case, we don’t have a “definitely by this date” date.

We thought we had finished the homestudy before the end of March. And we thought that the certification would come through on or close to April 1. This means we thought we could get a baby as early as April 1! But when April 1 rolled around and I didn’t hear anything, I called the agency to check the status of our clearance and our caseworker let us know she had some more questions for us. She came out to the house and spent a couple more hours with us, And then the next day, she called us to let us know she was ready. That she had everything she needed to complete our report. But, the main person in the office who submits the final step for certification was on vacation untill the following Monday.

They told us we’d hear the next week between Monday and Wednesday. Well, Monday rolled around and we didn’t hear anything, but I figured if she’d been out for at least a week, she probably had a pretty big stack of work on her desk to go through and I wasn’t sure where we were in that stack. But I didn’t hear anything by Wednesday either and I was trying to decide when I should call. I know they need families, so I don’t think they were putting us off, but I was also anxious to get an update. I was planning to call around lunchtime on Friday, but late Friday morning I got an email. The email said we had done nearly everything, but they needed one more form! The form happened to be somewhat of a hassle, but I was able to get it done and send it back.

By Friday afternoon we got a congratulatory email confirming that our certification process was complete. We are officially licensed to be Foster parents and to adopt!

So now we wait. And while we do, let me give you an update on a decision made regarding this process.

When we started this journey, we really started it with the mission to complete our family. We wanted to have another baby and we were anxious to do that on our time line. But as we moved forward through the training process, and simply through prayer about this decision, the Lord has really changed our hearts to focus not so much on completing our family, but on helping other families.

So often, you hear about situations on the news or through social media where you find yourself saying, “I wish there was something I could do to help!” Well, this is something we can do to help. We can care for babies who need a home. And there are an awful lot of babies who need a home temporarily. There are a lot of families who need time to heal and recover. And we are so excited to take the next step in this journey.

I have shared before my heart towards the mothers. How much I ache for a woman who doesn’t get to be the one to hold her baby in the night and comfort her crying. I ache for the baby who doesn’t get to be held by her own mother. She has to finds comfort in somebody else’s arms. I desperately want for babies and mothers to be together. But I know that’s not always possible.

So while we wait to become foster parents, we pray fervently for the mothers and babies. For the entire family. We pray for healing and redemption. We pray for God’s hand to work in their lives to soften their hearts to turn them towards Him, for them to be touched by His great love. We pray that we will be humbled as we love another family’s baby and that our hearts will remain compassionate towards the parents who don’t get to be the parents.

We definitely do still plan and deeply desire to adopt through foster care in the long run. But for now, we are only going to be taking temporary placements and we look forward to seeing reunification between babies and their very own families.

With that, we ask you to join us in praying for the impact this will have on our family. We know it is not an easy journey. We know that we are in line to get onto a really exciting roller coaster. That the emotional ups and downs will be challenging to say the least. But we also know that it will be worth it. So we ask the Lord to give us strength to get through the long nights and more love than we believe our hearts can hold, and comfort when the time comes to say goodbye, and peace while we wait between deadlines and decisions that are made by other people. And most of all help our faith to grow and our trust in God to be enough.

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