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How Harry Arrived…

We got a surprise on Wednesday night around 10:15.  At 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant, my water broke.  We were just getting ready for bed and settling in for the night.  I had been having quite a few braxton hicks contractions over the last couple weeks, but nothing too alarming.  And when my water broke, there were no other sings of labor.  In fact, when my husband and I were getting ready to head to the hospital, I asked him not to call the grandparents or anyone yet because I didn’t want to get everyone all excited to just call them back an hour later and let them know I had actually only peed my pants.

But after the initial exam at the hospital, sure enough, my water had broken, and as I had noticed from the lack of pain and discomfort, I was NOT in labor.  But, once the water’s broken, baby’s gotta come.  So I was put on pitocin and I just had to wait and try to get some rest.   Of course, who can rest when they are having a baby!?!  So Paul and I hung out in the L&D room.  My nurses kept turning the pitocin up and the contractions kept getting stronger and stronger.  Sometime after sunrise (forgive me for not remembering the actual times, I was a little distracted) the contractions were getting teary-eyed intense and I was set up with an epidural.  I’m glad I got it, but getting it put in was pretty… hmmm… not sure the right word actually.  But, well, I didn’t like the experience.

After the pain of contractions -and the feeling in my legs- went away, they turned the dosage up higher, higher, and higher to really get labor started.  When I had been on pitocin for about 16 hours and was ready to get a good progress report, the nurse informed me that I had made no progress.  The baby wasn’t dropping and my cervix wasn’t opening (not enough, anyway).  The Dr came in and recommended a c-section and that’s what we did.  I was prepped for surgery and off we went.

At 2:50 pm, Harry was born.  I was told afterwards that he was tangled in the cord with it wrapped around his neck and that’s why he wasn’t dropping and I wasn’t progressing.  I am glad we made the decision we did.  I am bummed, though, that immediately after he was born, I pretty much passed out and was in a foggy, shivering, blur for about the first two and a half hours of his sweet life.  Paul was able to stay with him while they cleaned him up and got him crying.  Paul came and checked on me a few times and reassured me that the baby was so super cute and that baby and I are both amazing.

Eventually, I got moved into our recovery room and they brought the baby in.  I was still a bit foggy from the meds and sadly, I don’t really remember the first few  moments I held and fed him.  Actually, now that I think about it, I don’t remember much about that afternoon or even the first night.  I’m pretty sure the grandmas came in and visited for a bit, though.

What I do remember is that the next morning after feeding, Harry was really alert and we were able to snap one of my favorite pictures of him (so far).


And there he is.  Content and sweet and we are so smitten.  And that’s when my life actually starts.

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